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Both an hotel and a living heritage, located in the shadow of the Papal Palace in Avignon, LA MIRANDE 5* is a luxury establishment that has been able to successfully preserve its identity. From the Romans to the « Babylonian » papacy, from pre-revolutionary France to the present day, the hotel has always been a landmark in the city, closely linked to Avignon’s history and its Papal Palace. An endless heritage and history that encourages the imagination.

La Mirande is celebrated for its interior design, a tribute to the printed tapestries that were in vogue in the 18th century, true odes to joy! Twenty-six rooms individually decorated with historic French printed fabrics. The Enchanted River, The Rose Garden, The Great Coral, The Bamboo, The Horn of Plenty, The Parrot, The Learned Monkey… the names of the great fabrics of the past are already, in themselves, an invitation to travel. The legacy of the walls transformed into historical monuments is characterized by a consistent exoticism. Heritage that takes us back in time to the eighteenth century, the age of great enchantment.

It was during this century that the Anglo-Chinese gardens and a literature of the pleasures of love and nature appeared. One becomes enthralled with the « indiennes », the fabrics formerly imported from India, printed since 1760 by the Royal Manufacture of Jouy. The Asian motifs were reinterpreted, adapted to the specific practices of the time, and then other themes gradually inspired their production.


You simply cannot get any nearer to an understanding of Avignon’s history than to dine in the oldest room of La Mirande, where in the 14th century the cardinals received the popes at their table, or in the garden opposite the impressive walls of the Papal Palace, right in the center of the city, for a gastronomic experience at the 1-star restaurant listed in the 2021 Michelin Guide, or at La Salle à Manger for the more traditional bistro version.

You can also switch to a different atmosphere and décor by immersing yourself in the entertaining ambiance of the table d’hôte located in the heart of La Mirande, in the vintage kitchen that is also the setting for the cooking school offering courses with a Provencal accent.


For your comfort, the staff of La Mirande, with the assistance of the technical teams of Avignon Tourism, took the greatest care in designing your room. A lattice wall forms the backdrop for the headboard in the main axis of the room, facing the most beautiful view of the city and its surroundings. A baroque-style headboard was crafted by Heang Ly Li, the resident upholsterer for La Mirande, from a fabric produced by Fortuny in Venice, in the spirit of the Cordovan leathers that made the walls of the Salle de La Mirande famous, decorated by the Vice-Legates.

The bed is framed with two cypress trees by the artist Timothy Hennessy. Each piece of furniture and all the decorative items were meticulously selected, playing with the very limited access constraints due to the narrowness of the entry. The seats are made of rattan; one chair is reminiscent of the tiara of the popes. The room is lined with oriental rugs. The floor lamps are from the house of Vaughan in England. The sconces at the head of the bed were collected from antique shops.

A Bose Hi-Fi system allows you to enjoy a CD specially created for the occasion. This includes a track composed by Arvo Pärt for the exhibition Beauty that Avignon, European Capital of Culture, hosted in the year 2000. This music of deep melancholy is then further completed with a selection of 20th century songs. (You can also connect to the device via Bluetooth to listen to your own playlist.)